CocoSantaFe Mixed Truffle Set

5 fudge truffles each of Hottie,  Hulk, and Tomgirl in individual boxes.

CocoLove Chocolate Truffle Gift Set

Cupcake, Planet Marz, and Naked Hottie.  Total 15 pieces of luscious dark chocolate fudge truffles. Love included!!! 

Coco 3 Wise Men Caramel Truffle Set

5 truffles each of Gingie, Santa's Addiction, and Humpty in individual boxes.

CocoClassique Assorted Truffle Gift Set

5 pc box each of Bo Peep, Cupcake, and Holy Cow. Total 15 dark chocolate fudge truffles.

Look who Loves Cocopotamus!

CocoVegan Assorted Vegan Truffle Gift Set

5 truffles each of Darth Vegan (Vegan Black Coffee Truffles), Ronald Vegan (70% dark vegan truffles) and The Vegan Mary (vegan caramel truffles), in individual boxes.

5 pc

Santa Fe Sweets by Stag | 1845 Cerrillos Rd 87505 Santa Fe NM 87505 US | +1.5059823242

CocoSwiss Milk Chocolate Truffle Gift Set

5 pc box each of: Miss Congeniality (hazelnut cherry), Gingie (gingerbread), and Milkshake (strawberry milkshake). Total 15 luscious dark chocolate fudge truffles.

Cocopotamus gourmet chocolate truffles are always handmade, all natural, gluten-free and using the highest quality chocolate couverture from Belgium and Switzerland.  From there, Cocopotamus gets their inspirations from flavors around the world.  Their unique technique in gourmet chocolate truffle making makes their truffles extra creamy, and not too sweet. The combination of creamy chocolate ganache inside with the crunchy chocolate outside give their truffles an irresistible texture. Cocopotamus truffles have appeared at the Golden Globes, The Oscars and the Emmy awards. They have also won “the Best of the City” awards in Albuquerque in 2015 and 2016. Known nationwide as some of the best truffles made! So the next time you're looking for the favorite bite of sweetness or that special gift, come on down to get some Santa fe Sweets located at Stag!


Fudge Happens.  Have a ball.